Value of Nios Marksheet

Is Nios valid in abroad?

Yes. NIOS marksheet is accepted by abroad institutions. You may require to verify the certificate andcertificates and should have transcripts as per rules of concerned institutions. Yes it is accepted for US colleges and universities.

Is Nios accepted in USA?

Yes NIOS is valid in USA provided you fulfill the necessary eligibility criteria.

Do universities accept Nios?

Yes. NIOS has sent circular to every State Boards/Universities to instruct their schools and colleges to allow admissions on the basis of Marks Sheets and Certificates issued by NIOS. All schools / Universities have recognized NIOS certificates for admission purpose.

Does Harvard accept Nios?

NIOS is widely accepted. But you should drop an email to Harvard’s admissionoffice and enquire.

Is NIOS syllabus different from CBSE?

“The CBSE ratio gives students the chance to score more, whereas the third central board – National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS) – is all about facilitating students who are unable to pursue regular studies. The only difference between CBSE, ICSE boards and NIOS is that it is flexible in the n choice of subjects.

Is Nios valid all over India?

Yes, the NIOS board is recognized by all universities and education institution in India. It is the most authentic open school in the world. You can clear more doubts concerning to nios board on our number The National Open School is a government authorized board.

Is Nios valid for IAS?

The certificate obtained from National Institute of Open schooling is valid for all government job entrance exams like UPSC exams, SSC exams, IB exams etc. NIOS board is recognized by Central government and Ministry of HRD for secondary and higher secondary board of education.

What are the disadvantages of Nios?

The main negative aspect of NIOS is lack of an environment . You would lack classmates that would result in lack of team skills. Moreover , you won’t get the exposure that would help you later in life. Plus , there won’t be a competition that is quite bad.

Is Nios valid for passport?

Yes, NIOS 10th class certificate valid for applying for a passport. You will be able to get a non-ECR Passport. There is no issue if you are passed out through NIOS Board.

Is Nios valid in London?

NIOS is a board under Ministry of Human Resources Development, Government of India and same thing is clearly mentioned in marksheet too. The board will be very much recognized in UK. … The board will be very much recognized in UK.

Do foreign universities accept Nios certificate?

Yes, NIOS certificate is accepted by many foreign universities for providing admission in their universities. Candidates who have completed 12th standard from NIOS are equally eligible to study in Abroad as candidates who have completed 12th standard from CBSE/ State Boards.

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