Social Science (213)
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0Introduction to social science पाठ – 0Click here
1. Ancient world पाठ 1 Click here
2. Medieval world पाठ 2 Click here
3. Modern world पाठ 3 Click here
4.Modern world -liपाठ 4 Click here
5.Impact of British rule on India : economic , social and cultural पाठ 5 Click here
6. Religious and social Awkening in colonial India पाठ 6 Click here
7. Popular resistance to the British rule पाठ 7 Click here
8. Indian national movement पाठ 8 Click here
9. Physiography of India पाठ 9 Click here
10Climate पाठ 10 Click here
11Bio- diversity पाठ 11 Click here
12Agriculture in India पाठ 12 Click here
13Transport and Communication पाठ 13 Click here
14Population : Our greatest resource पाठ 14 Click here
15Constitutional values and political system in India पाठ 15 Click here
16Fundamental rights and fundamental duties पाठ 16 Click here
17India – a welfare state पाठ 17 Click here
18Local governments and field administration पाठ 18 Click here
19Governance at the state level पाठ 19 Click here
20Governance at the union level पाठ 20 Click here
21Political parties and pressure groups पाठ 21 Click here
22People’s participation in the democratic process पाठ 22 Click here
23Challenges to India democracy पाठ 23 Click here
24National integration and secularism पाठ 24 Click here
25Socio – economic development and empowerment of disadvantaged groups पाठ 25 Click here
26Environmental degradation and disaster management पाठ 26 Click here
27Peace and Security पाठ 27 Click here