NIOS Class 12th English (302) Most Important Questions & Answers

Q – What is it that sheep and cows do for which we have no time?

Ans –sheep and cows have time to stand and stare but we don’t have any time for that.

Q – What is the similarity between Mars and the Earth? List them.

Ans –mars and earth are both planets,

  • they rotate and do revolution to sun.
  • they both have moons.
  • they are inner planets means they are made of rocks.
  • earth and mars have orbit.
  • they rotate on their axis.
  • they both have soil.

Q – Why did Thimakka receive the National Citizens Award?

Ans –She has also planted nearly 8000 other trees. With the support of her husband, she found solace in planting trees. She received no formal education and worked as a casual labourer in a nearby quarry. Her work has been honoured with the National Citizen’s Award of India.

Q – Why is the air in grandmother’s house described as frozen?

Ans –The house was closed since grandmother’s demise. As a result, no ventilation took place. Therefore, the air in the grandmother’s house is frozen.

Q – Why did the tiger enter the tunnel?

Ans –The tiger entered the tunnel because he saw the train entering into the tunnel and he was trapped there. He was suffering from extreme pain caused by the wound. So, he was running as fast as possible on his wounded leg to save his life.

Q – Whydoes the poet call the wood ‘yellow wood’?

Ans –the poet refers to the wood as ‘The Yellow Wood’ because it was the time of Fall (Autumn). So, all the leaves have turned yellow or yellowish-orange.

Q – Why did the mother feel relieved?

Ans –The sting of the poison had gone off after twenty hours, and the mother was happy that the poison had spared her children. The Night of the Scorpion shows the selfless love of a mother who is stung by a scorpion. The poem begins with the poet recalling his childhood and how his mother was stung by a scorpion one night.

Q – How finally Ramlal’s wife agreed to send Bholi to school?

Ans – Since Ramlal’s did not have the courage to disobey the tehsildar, his wife suggested that they should send Bholi to the school. She felt that as there were little chances of her getting married with her ugly face and lack of sense, she might as well go to the school.

Q – What did Gavaskar like to do whenever he went to his uncle’s house? (My First Steps)

Ans –Sunil Gavaskar use to visit his uncle Madhav Mantri’s house during free time. He liked to touch the pullover of his uncle He like doing it because he used to admire his uncle playing in the Indian test cricket team. He loved looking at the autographs of the famous cricketers on the stumps at his uncle’s house.

Q – How did Ved’s mother try to test him? (My son will not a beggar Be)

Ans –Ved becomes blind at the age of three and a half years old.

His mother could not believe in this and she tried all the possible ways to find a cure for his blindness.

  • She used to sit for long hours before the pandits.
  • She also performed some religious ceremonies to get my eyesight back.

Q – What did the Intruder plan to do as Vincent Charles Gerrard? (If I were you)

Ans –Intruder planned to become replica of Vincent Charles and decided to take up his individuality by killing him so he can become a better person and have a better life. the intruder was a criminal and wanted to escape all the punishments he would receive due to his crimes and wanted to be free as Vincent Charles Gerrard to do anything.

Q – What duty did Baldeo do at the station? (The Tiger in the Tunnel)

Ans –Baldeo was the caretaker of the station in the middle of the jungle. He was responsible for signalling whether or not the tunnel was clear for trains to pass through the tunnel. At night, Baldeo had to make sure that the signal lamp at the tunnel was burning, to allow the night train to pass through safely.

Q – If Nan-Kaka had not noticed the hole on his ear where would Gavaskar be living? (My First Steps)

Ans –If Nan-kaka had not noticed the hole on the baby’s ear then Sunil would have been living along the west coast as a fisherman.

At the time of his birth, he was lost in the mix up after the bath in the hospital but eventually was reunited with his mother due to the identification of a little hole near the top of his left ear lobe. Sunil loved cricket a lot as his father was a club cricketer and he always wanted to become a batsman.

His mother played cricket with him at home and encouraged him to practice this game. Moreover, by looking at his uncle Madhav Mantri’s pullovers, who played for India in four ‘official’ tests, he got the motivation to develop and polish his cricket talent.  

Q – What are the advantages of using wind energy? (Fuel of the Future)

Ans –Wind power is a clean and renewable energy source. Wind turbines harness energy from the wind using mechanical power to spin a generator and create electricity. Not only is wind an abundant and inexhaustible resource, but it also provides electricity without burning any fuel or polluting the air.

Wind continues to be the largest source of renewable power in the United States, which helps reduce our reliance on fossil fuels. Wind energy helps avoid 329 million metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions annually – equivalent to 71 million cars worth of emissions that along with other atmospheric emissions cause acid rain, smog, and greenhouse gases.

Q – What did the writer miss when he lost his sight? (My Son Will Not A Beggar be)

Ans –Mehta talks about his blindness with him being the protagonist in the story. From the story, the reader can see that being blind was not one of the happiest parts of his life. He expressed how hard it is for him to live with four senses. He is devastated that he won’t be able to see the wonderful beauty of nature. through the story, it can be seen that the writer would miss the colors of the birds and butterflies the most. And how he would have to live blind with memories of what he saw when he had sight.

Q – What does Gerrard do for a living? (If I Were You)

Ans –Gerrard conducted plays for a living.who is packing his bags to go somewhere. However, the moment he is about to leave, he is intercepted by an intruder who takes him at gun point and tries to know all sorts of questions from him. His main motive is to kill Gerrard and live the life of Gerrard. Gerrard tries to pacify him and makes him believe that he is also about to run away from cops and that the intruder can accompany him. However, at that very moment when they are about to leave, Gerrard locks him in cupboard and tells his friend over phone to call Sergeant.

Q – Why does theintruder call himself ’a poor hunted rat? (If I Were You)

Ans –The intruder describes himself as ‘a poor hunted rat’ because he is being chased by the police and he has to keep dodging them. He has killed a cop and is trying to escape punishment by hiding like a rat being chased by a cat.

Q – Why were Aradhana’s family members proud of her? (I Must Know the Truth)

Ans –Aradhana was a very talented and gorgeous girl. She had a good figure and fine characteristics. She was an accomplished Bharatanatyam dancer. She was preferred to perform the dance for the opening ceremony of the program for the annual dance concert of the Kamala Devi School of Dance and Music.

Her family members were proud of her. Her parents and sister, and even her grandparents travelled to see her show opening dance performance.

Q – What saved India from complete deterioration? (India-Her Past and Future)

Ans –Humanity and new ideas saved India.

  • The decline had begun gradually. Thoughts got stale as they lost their freshness.
  • Instead of the spirit of adventure, lifeless routine replaced it, and the world’s vast and thrilling perspective was limited and lost in caste distinctions, restrictive social norms, and ceremonials.
  • Nonetheless, India was important enough to absorb the swarms of people that poured into vast ocean of mankind, as well as the ideas that had sprung in the days of youth.

Q – Why did Bholi talk very little? Give two reasons. (Bholi)

Ans –Bholi talked very little because:

  1. Bholi had a fall and suffered from smallpox when she was two years old. This damaged her brain resulting in mental retardation and speech disorder. She could not speak well because of her speech disorder and started stammering whenever she tried to speak and uttered the wrong words.
  2. Bholi had developed an inferiority complex because of her speech disorder. Other children made fun of her and imitated her. Moreover, her parents and other villages did not encourage and motivate her to speak. They considered her as a simpleton which greatly annoyed her.

Q – What does the writer think is wrong with the present system of education?What kind of education does he recommend? Do you agree? Give reasons. (Father Dear Father)

Ans –where the author is actually replying to a letter of his father.

The author gave his point of view about education that it is not important to study and remember textbooks, the main thing is gaining wisdom out of that and develop an understanding about the creation and working of things. The author said that today students are simply asked to cram the lesson rather going into conceptual learning

Q – Name the first Indian state that used wind energy. Can it be used elsewhere? If so, where? (Fuel of the Future)

Ans –India is the only country in the world to have Ministry of Renewable Energy Sources and it is also world’s fifth largest producer of wind energy. Wind Mills were developed during the late 19th century in US.

In India, the first wind mill was installed in Tamil Nadu.Wind energy is free and a renewable source of energy. It is available at a same capacity in future too. The only challenge in this source of energy seen is that wind does not always blow when electricity is needed. But still Wind Energy can be seen as a Fuel for the Future.

Q – How did Gavaskar behave during ‘matches’ played in his childhood days? (My First Steps)

Ans –Gavaskar usually played with some of their friends near his house during his childhood. He always wanted to become a batsman and hated losing a wicket. This thing becomes an obsession. He got angry and argue with his friends when he got out in-game. He also fights and gets back home.

Gavaskar was the only one who was having bat and ballamong all the friends. The game automatically ends when Gavaskar went back to his home. So, the friends decided that whenever Gavaskar bats, they would appeal at a particular ball, and whether he was out or not, he had to go by the majority verdict.

Q – What changes did Nehru want among the people of India? (India-Her past and Future).

Ans –Nehru’s vision Icannot say what tomorrow’s India will be like, I can only express my hope andwishes. I want India to advance on the material plane – to fulfil her Five-Year Plansto raise the standard of living of her vast population: I want the narrow conflicts oftoday in the name of religion or caste, language or province to cease, and a classlessand casteless society to be built up where every individual has full opportunity togrow according to his worth and ability. In particular, I hope that the curse of castewill be ended for there is neither democracy nor socialism on the basis of caste.

Q – Mention any four items which should be kept on Receptionist desk.

Ans –Being a receptionist is not an easy job because this person is the first face that all the customers will be seeing when they come in. Thus, this is the first impression of the business or company, etc.

For a receptionist to be effective he/she must always possess the following things: –

  • Computer:So much of the receptionist’s job can be supported by having access to executive calendars, office events, internet searches and more.
  • Note pad: in handy for writing down messages
  • Stationary like pen, pencil: to give to others to fill forms and stuff, his/her table should be stocked at all times.
  • Visiting cards: of the faculty
  • Telephone:Clearly, a reception telephone is a must have. In a perfect world, the receptionist should have the option of using a headset for expedience’s sake, especially if she’ll routinely be away from the desk to show clients to offices and such.

Q – What should a receptionist always remember?

Ans –A Positive Attitude

A person’s attitude will always shine through. So, it’s crucial that your receptionist has a positive one.

The Right Technical Skills

The right receptionist for your business should have the right technical skills as all customer-related transactions will start with them. They will answer calls, texts and messages from customers, schedule appointments and handle client information. 

Organizational Prowess

Organizational skills are vital for almost any business. Your receptionist needs to be able to develop processes on the fly in order to stay on track and focused.

Multitasking Skills

Multi-tasking isn’t exactly the greatest thing for focus, especially on very creative jobs. However, the ability to multi-task is essential for receptionists.

Q – What is a message form?

Ans –The message form type is a form that appears as a secondary window to inform the user of something or to ask a question. It parallels the behavior of a Windows message box. The form does not have a tool bar or a status bar and can only contain static text and buttons.

Message forms permit only limited use of processing option (PO) values and business functions. Therefore, do not use this form type for complex logic.

You can use the message form as a hover form by selecting the pop-up option under the message form properties.

Q – What is the receptionist’s office called?

Ans –The title receptionist is attributed to the person who is employed by an organization to receive or greet any visitors, patients, or clients and answer telephone calls. … Such receptionists are often called front desk clerks.

Q – A receptionist has to do many duties. Mention only four of them.

Ans –Duties that receptionist has to do:

(a) Greeting Business Visitors

(b) Answering Incoming Calls

(c)Distributing Incoming Mail

(d)Administrative and Clerical Tasks

Q – What are the problems that a receptionist has to face while handling telephone calls? How does she deal with them?

Ans -problems that a receptionist has to face:

(a)Working remotely.

(b)Managing the increasing number of calls.

(c)Covering multichannel inquiries.

(d)Limited knowledge of their colleagues’ availability

(e)Difficulty in scheduling meetings

They deal with themby politely talking to the customer and providing them right information.

Q. What kind of life did the writer’s grandfather lead when he was a small boy ? What was considered important those days ? (Father, dear Father)

Answer:- The question is asked from the story Father, Dear Father. In this story, the writer’s grandfather lead a very carefree and happy life when he was a small boy.
During his own childhood, the grandfather would place the fruits like guavas or mangoes from his orchard. He used to go to the picnics with his friends to enjoy the meal they have cooked on their own.
Living life fully was considered important in those days.

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