NIOS CLASS 10TH Science and Technology (212) SOLVED TMA In English Medium PDF SESSION 2022 – 23

TMA Questions

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1. Answer any one of the following questions in about 40 – 60 words.
a) Following model demonstrates the process of thermo-electric production.
1.Identify and label the device marked as 1.
2. A tennis ball fitted with sheets of metal is rotated. Explain the reason.
3. Name the device which relies on the principle demonstrated by this model.
4. The form of energy that is being converted into electrical energy. Make it clear.

b) The car is parked in the sun by Sunil, and he completely closes the doors, and windows of the car for safety. After some time opening the doors of the car, he realizes that the temperature inside the car was higher than the temperature outside. Explain that due to which effect of heat this happened. If the car is completely covered with white cloth, then there will be any effect in the internal temperature of that car, if yes, explain the reason.

2.Answer any one of the following questions in about 40 – 60 words.

a) In the winter season, fire is used as heat to escape from the cold. Due to the extreme cold, Shashi lit firewood in the room to increase the temperature of the room and closed the windows and doors of the room so that the cold outside air could not come into the room. After some time he felt suffocated. When the windows and doors of the room were opened, there was relief from suffocation. Explain exactly the main cause of event.
b)Scientists choose 1/16 of the mass of a naturally occurring oxygen atom as the atomic mass nit. Explain the reason.

3.Answer anyone of the following questions in about 40-60 words.

a) Drawn out line diagrams of a bacterial cell, and a plant cell. Label only in pant which convey the hereditary material in these cells.
b) Name of scientist associated with origin of life are given below, identify one scientist out of these who gave experimental evidence for supporting the theory of origin of life.
1.A.I. Oparin
2.Stanley Miller
3.J.B.S. Haldane
4.Harrold Urey.
4.Answer any one of the following questions in about 100 – 150 words.
a)Amrita is sitting in the middle of the square garden near her house. Whose perimeter is 48 meters. There is a road on the left side of the perimeter of this garden and a building on the other side. Firecrackers are lit by some children in the street, due to which sound is produced. Will Amrita sitting in the garden hear the echo of this sound or not? Explain your answer with reason.
b)Observe the following activity and answer the questions.
1.The change between two crystals of zinc takes place by repulsion. Observe the
2.There is a change in temperature in the reaction. Explain the causes of
Temperature change
3.If a glass tube is brought in contact with dilute H2SO4. Explain the chemical change that takes place in the reaction when both come in contact.
4.Explain the mechanism of collecting H2 gas produced in a chemical reaction.
5.Explain the effect of solubility, and insolubility in water of H2 gas.
6.Explain with reason whether air is heavy or H2 gas.
5. Answer any one of the following questions in about 100 – 150 words.

a) Justify the following statements with reason.
1.There are different types of turbine construction for different types of power plants.
2.It is absolutely necessary to control the fission process in nuclear power plants.
3.Hydroelectric energy, solar energy, and wind energy are called renewable energy.
4.It is possible to produce energy from mW to MW using solar photovoltaic cells.
b)Choose this connect phrase that explains the meaning of National Selection according to the Modern Synthetic Theory of evolution and justify your answer
1.Survival of Fittest
2.Origin of Life
3.Greater reproduction of variant grass with adoptive advantage industrial melanism?
6.Prepare any one out of the Project given below:
(a) Visit in your area and collect the following articles.
1.Copper wire
3.Aluminium sheet,
4.Iron nail,
5.Iodine crystal
Answer the following:
1.Classify these articles into metals, and non-metals
2.There is a brown coating on the iron nail. Explain the reason
3.Identify good conductors of heat, and define conductivity.
4.Write down the reaction of metals with water.
5.Write down the reactions of non-metals with water.
(b) If Puneet and his friend ride a motorbike on the road, you will notice that at different times, both motorbikes are found at different positions. Note down five positions at five time intervals for each.
a.Plot Position Time Graph for Uniform Motion
b.Plot Position Time Graph for Non Uniform Motion
c.Calculate Velocity from Position Time Graph
d.Calculate Distance travelled by you, and your friend in 10 Minutes
e.Examine whose speed is more?

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