Nios Class 10th English (202) Literature Questions with Answer


Question – There is no municipal dispensary in your area. People have to travel 5-6 kms to reach the nearby hospital. Private doctors charge heavy fees. Write a letter to the Municipal Commissioner, Agra to open a dispensary in your area. You are B. Rajan, M-114, Kailash Kunj, Agra.

Answer –


Kailash Kunj,



The Municipal Commissioner,

New Delhi.


Subject: Opening dispensary in the locality.

I, on behalf of all the inhabitants of M-114, Kailash Kunj, Agra, respectfully request you to open a municipal dispensary in the locality. The nearest dispensary is about 5-6 kilometres to reach the nearby hospital. Private doctors charge heavy fees. Which makes it very difficult for the residents to avail medical help in case of emergency.  In recent past, there have been incidents when housewives have suffered a lot pain due to viral fever and diseases as such, but have to wait for their husbands to get medicines for them.

We have raised the issue multiple times but no effort was returned.  Therefore, it is humbly request that you open a local dispensary in the area. I hope that you will help us by taking necessary steps towards the issue.

Thank you.

Yours faithfully,


Question – Last month your school planted 40-50 trees in and around your school. Young plants (saplings) were provided by the state government. The Police Commissioner planted the first tree. Write a report on the event in about 100 words. Give it a suitable title. You are Anamika.

Answer –

Report Writing on Tree Plantation (saplings) Programme in School.

Report By “Anamika”

Tree Plantation programme was held in our school on 17th Oct 2022 at 8:45am.  The students of class Vth to class XIIth actively participated in the programme. Sister Antonette (school Principal), teachers and students went to plant sapling in our school premises. Also, The Police Commissioner and some local municipality department officers have participated in our program. The Police Commissioner planted the first tree. They guided us on how to plant a sapling properly. The aim of the program is to plant a total of 500 saplings on the school campus and nearby local areas. One by one student and teachers started planting saplings. Firstly, we started planting saplings in the garden of our school campus and after that, we planted saplings in the nearby local areas of our school. Students also made some posters and banners on the importance of tree plantations. We pasted banners and posters in the area around our school. So that people read these and know the importance of tree plantation. After our goal of planting 500 trees is achieved, we come to our school. The principal of our school gave a passionate speech on the topic of Environment Day. Finally, the program ended with the singing of the national anthem.

Question – Mobile phones are found even in the hands of school children. They waste a lot of their time on phone. The phone is also a source of information and helps in studies. What are your views about children using mobile phones?

Answer –

Mobile phones are modern gadgets of communication that help us to connect with people around the world. Mobile phones have a marked effect on the lives of people and nowadays each and every person whether a peasant or a wealthy person owns a mobile phone. In these urban times, mobile phones are not restricted only to the adults, but have also become an important component of students’ lives. Mobile phones shouldn’t be allowed in schools as they will be used more as a means of amusement than for education.

A students’ life is a base for the days to come, and at this stage, students should develop the virtue of hard work by doing their own work manually without any help. With a mobile phone in hand, no student will bother to write down their notes, and will be obsessed with copying and pasting all the work given to them. This will make the students lazy, passive and this can effectively ruin their future.

Nowadays, new types of mobiles called smart phones are prevalent. These have thousands of new features to be used, but most of these features are too distracting for a student’s mind. For example, a student will develop a habit of playing games or listening to music while the teacher is giving a lecture or notes in class. This will cause rapid decrease in their interest to study, and they will gradually start losing their marks and rank. Another harmful effect of phones is that the outdoor activities decrease as the students stick to mobiles, because they are too hard to resist for a student. This affects their physical and mental health and if mobile phones are allowed in schools then the students would only become bad to worse.

An important feature of mobile phones is the internet. Internet is a very useful thing and could be very useful for students as they can know about all the things around the world, but if free access to the internet is provided to students, without any restrictions in schools then most of the times it will be used for purposes other than education. The students could also be lured into opening porn websites and watching illicit material. The students will also begin to download useless materials, as a student’s heart and mind is still developing and it is too hard to resist such distractions.

Thus, mobile phones should only be limited to homes, because they prove to be more of a distraction than an educational source to children. The students gradually start losing their concentration in studies. They develop a passive nature for studies and their essence of hard work dries up. These phones will cause their health to deteriorate, and will have an adverse effect on their eyes. A student will grow to become erratic and harsh and eventually develop a stubborn character. They will also cause them to lose their interest in sports and other outdoor fields of entertainment. Students will be less in contact with the outside world and family, and this will deteriorate his character. As far as studies are concerned, the mobile phones can be an excellent source if they are used correctly. However, if the students gain free access to phones, like in schools then they will only serve as an excellent source of distraction. These were the views I had against allowing the use of mobile phones in schools.

#000000;”>Question- Filling in the blanks:

Complete the paragraph given below by filling in the blanks. For each blank there are four options. Choose the most appropriate option.  

Beena had a rag doll. It………(i) a gift……… (ii) her grandmother. It was……… (iii)of old clothing. During the winter nights she……… (iv) to talk to Such……… (v) talk would put……… (vi) to sleep.

Answer –

1. was

2. from

3. made

4. used

5. a

6. her

Question – Rewrite each of the following pairs of sentences as one sentence, using the appropriate words from the box.

Because, yet, so, while, when
(there are more words than you may need)


A) he won the medal
B) he sang the best song

Answer – He won the medal because he sang the best song


a) he learnt to drive
b) he was still at college

Answer – He learnt to drive when he was still at college.


a) he could not eat the samosa
b) it was very spicy

Answer – He could not eat the Samosa because it was very spicy.


a) he was very tired
b) he climbed the hill

Answer – He was tired when he climbed the hill.

Question – Read the conversation given below and complete the paragraph that follows:
Reena: I called you yesterday. Where were you?
Arya: I went to visit my grandmother. Why did you call?
Reena: I called to tell you that our results will be out next week.
Arya: Are you sure?
Reena: I saw the news in yesterday’s newspaper.
Reena: told Arya that

Answer –

(a) she had called her…. and asked her where she had been. Arya told her that

(b) she went to visit her…. grandmother and enquired why she had called. Reena told her that she

(c) called to tell her that their…. results would be out next week. When Arya asked whether she was sure, Reena told her.

(d) that she saw the news in the previous day’s…. newspaper.


Question 1. – What is woven by the Indian weavers for a new-born child?

Answer- weavers weave a bright and gay robe for the newborn child at the break of dawn. The robe that they weave is as blue as the wing of a Halcyon which is a mythical bird.

Question 2. – What does the poet want us to do to water, air and plants?

Answer- The poet wants to tell us about save water and plants for us and as well as for the feature.

Question 3. – What message do we get at the end of the poem, Nine Gold Medals?

Answer- ‘Nine Gold Medals’ is that sports isn’t just about winning awards yet learning the upsides of participation, sharing, contending and supplementing.

Question 4. – Why does the poet desire to go to the innocence of childhood?

Answer- He feels that childhood is full of innocence. A child is neither a hypocrite nor manipulative. He is free from all these wrong habits found in adults.

Question 5. – Why is Kezia more attached to her grandmother? (The Little Girl)

Answer– Kezia was more attached to her grandmother because her parents spent less time with her.  Hence, she was more attached to her grandmother than her mother

Question 6. – Why did Dr. Kurien give up his government job? (Co-operate and prosper)

Answer- Dr Kurien stayed back and quitted the government job and started working with Tribhuvandas Patel. This was how AMUL Dairy was born in Gujarat.

Question 7. – Why did Shivaji return to Rajgarh disguised as a sadhu?

Answer- Shivaji had escaped from Aurangazeb’s captivity and travelled from Agra in disguise as sadhu to meet his mother so that he could escape recapture and because he wanted to know whether he was safe in his own kingdom.

Question 8. – How was Janaki Iyer different from other women of her age? (Caring for Others)

Answer – Janaki Iyer is a 70-year-old woman who is very different from other women of her age. She teaches girls who are domestic helpers and who therefore cannot attend a formal school.

Question 9. – Why was Nicky upset with Valodya? (Elder Brother)

Answer – Nicky was upset with Valodaya’s personality because Nicky felt Valodaya was superior to him in many ways. Nicky was upset with Valodaya’s neat personality in a tucked linen collared shirt and the way Valodaya dressed it, frequently showing off his collar.

Question 10. – How does recycling rubbish help the environment?

Answer- Recycling Helps Protect the Environment. Recycling sharply reduces the amount of waste that gets deposited in our landfills or burned in incinerator plants. Engineered landfills in most cities are designed to contain toxic chemicals leaking from decaying solid waste from reaching our water systems.

Question 11. – Why did a big monkey get angry with a squirrel?

Answer- A small brown squirrel, carrying pebbles suddenly came in the way of the great monkey. The great monkey was carrying a large heavy stone. He was about to fall because he had to jump back to avoid the squirrel. Therefore, he got annoyed with the squirrel.

Question 12. – Why did a tragic incident take place at Sri Krishna High School in Kumbakonam?

Answer- On 16 July 2004, a fire broke out, with the school’s thatched roof structure catching fire initially. The school started at 9:15 a.m., and during one of the breaks at 10:30 a.m., one of the girl students noticed the fire and alerted the teacher, and the news spread to other classes. The fire sparked from the midday meal kitchen thatch and spread to the upper level, which also had a thatched roof and spread rapidly. The narrow staircase had sundry material that prevented the exit of children.

Question 13. – Why was Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel unhappy to see the condition of the poor farmers?

Answer- Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel was worried about the distress condition of the cattle farmers in Gujarat. Farmers during those time were often harassed as well as exploited by middlemen. They were the only medium through which the farmers could send across their milk produced to the market.

Question 14. – How do you say that Ali Baksh, the maternal uncle of Bismillah Khan was a great source of inspiration for him?

Answer- Ali Baksh noticed that Bismillah was a keen music learner, so he took him under his tutelage. Thus, Bismillah Khan started learning to play the shehnaifrom his uncle. Ali Baksh played shehnai at the Vishwanath Temple and practised in one of the temple rooms at Balaji Ghat.

Question 15. – Why did Raja’s grandfather take him to the old man?

Answer- Raja was catching a bee when the bee stung him. This sting caused Raja a sharp pain on his finger. He ran to his grandmother and asked her to stop the pain. Grandmother called Grandfather and when Grandfather saw the blue mark, he immediately carried Raja in his arms to an old man who knew the cure for a snake bite. Grandfather told the old man to cure Raja of the snake bite.

Question 16. – Describe the damages the poet, mentions in the poem, “The Truth’.

Answer– In this poem the poet explains that the damage caused by harsh language is more than the damage caused by physical injury. Both leave scars – one on the body and the other on the mind and heart. But the scars on the mind and heart do not let us forget the experience.

Question 17. – What does the phrase “there will be no thrice’ mean in the poem ‘Once Upon a Time’.

Answer- The above lines are from the poem “Once upon a time” written by ‘Gaberiel Okara’, a Nigerian Poet.  Through these the poet says that people these days are not sincere when they say ‘feel at home’ and ‘come again. They do not really invite other people. The words are used only for the sake of formality.

Question 18. – Why did the Master have to sign an affidavit before he was allowed to enter the room? (A Tiger Comes to Town)

Answer- The Magistrate forbids the circus master from entering the room. When the circus master argues with him and insists on going in, the Magistrate tells him to sign a document that says that no one should be held responsible for the circus master’s death in case the tiger attacks him.

Question 19. – How did the monkeys react when the squirrel said he is helping Rama build the bridge? (How the Squirrel got his Stripes)

Answer- The monkeys were angry and one of them picked up the squirrel and flung (threw) him away. The squirrel fell into the hands of Lord Rama. Lord Rama told the monkeys not to make fun of the squirrel because he was small.

Question 20. – Why does Dr. Kalam say India should stand up to the world? How can we do that? (My Vision for India)

Answer- Dr. kalam believe that unless India stands up to the world, no one will respect us. Only strength respects strength. He even gives us way to do that, as he said “We must be strong not only as a military power but also as an economic power. Both must go hand-in-hand. My good fortune was to have worked with three great minds”.

Question 21. – How did the arrival of the tiger affect the life at school?

Answer- Tigers attack only when they feel hungry, unlike human beings who kill one another without purpose or hunger’. To the great delight of children, schools were being hurriedly closed. Children of all ages and sizes were running helter-skelter, screaming joyously, ‘No school, no school.

Question 22. – What was Vallabhbhai Patel’s dream? How was it fulfilled?

Answer– His dream was to bring the farmers together, to remove middlemen, to save the farmers from harassment and exploitation and to do something which would remove their poverty and give them a steady flow of income. Dr. Verghese Kurien realize the dream eventually.

With Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel’s strong support, the cattle farmers of Gujarat were brought together in a co-operative group. This not only improved their lives a lot, but also led to the setting up of one of India’s most successful industries. It also made Gujarat one of the richest and most developed states of India.

Question 23. – Why did Mother Teresa set up her Home for the Dying?

Answer- Mother Teresa saw hundreds of people dying uncared and unattended on the streets,” said Glenda. “She felt very unhappy and planned to set up a home for these people so they could get care before their death,” she said

Question 24. – How can you say that the old man used to worship his profession of carving stones and making statues?

Answer- The old man makes statues. He is a sculptor. He is poor but he loves his work. He believes that making statues of gods and goddesses out of stone is like worshipping God because this is the work God wants him to do.

Question 25. – Write down the various uses of neem tree mentioned in the lesson, ‘The Village Pharmacy’.

Answer- Traditionally, in India, the neem has been used widely as a medicine, for many centuries. It can fight inflammation, hypertension and ulcers. It can combat diabetes and malaria. Boils, rashes and wounds disappear in no time. In the lesson “the village pharmacy” they mention a lot of uses of neem like for strengthener of teeth, for good skin and medicine for pouring blood etc.

Question 26. – What lesson do we learn from the chapter “Snake Bite”?

Answer- This is the story of a small boy Raja. Raja was a very naughty boy. One day Raja saw a snake crawling in his compound. He took in home in a coconut shell. His grandmother was shocked to know that there was a snake inside the shell. His grandfather threw the shell away and warned Raja never to go near a snake again. In the evening, he was trying to catch a bee but he got stung. He showed the sting to his grandmother. His grandmother thought it was a snake bite. He picked Raja and went to the house of an old man who knew the care for snake bite. Raja could not get chance to tell that it was not a snake bite rather it was bee stung. The old man started treatment without listening Raja. The old man-made Raja’s grandfather belief that Raja was then safe because of his treatment and mantras. Raja’s grandfather thanked the old man and gave him gifts.

The poem, in very simple and clear words, conveys the message that all creatures of nature need to be treated in a kind and sympathetic manner. Even snakes must not be attacked because they do not bite unless they sense a danger to their life.

Question 27. – Was Valodya responsible for Nicky’s mental suffering?

Answer- Because Valodya was very fond of ornaments and his little scent bottle. One day by mistake Nicky broke the scent bottle and upset his arrangement. So, they both fought and stopped talking with each other. Valodya told him not to touch his things again. Nicky felt very lonely and lost throughout the day. He wanted to revive his relations.

Question 28. – How did Gandhiji’s father react to his confession? What lesson did Gandhiji learn from it? (Stealing and Atonement)

Answer– When Gandhiji wrote his confessions on letter; he expected his father to be angry, scold him and show distrust toward him. He thought his father would be ashamed of his acts.

But instead, the scene turned out to be something very different from his anticipation. When his father read the letter, tears rolled down his cheeks.

The feeling of guilt, shame and agony was so overwhelming for both of them, yet his father felt relieved in the end that his son, Mohan had courage to accept and confess everything.

Gandhiji’s father reacted peacefully and felt happy about his son’s clear confession. He was not angry at all, neither he said any harsh words or criticized him of his sins. Gandhiji felt that his confession has rather increased affection in his father towards him.

Question 29. – Why was polishing shoes on the pavement treated like begging?

Answer- The Union was having trouble with the authorities. They had refused to grant a license to the Shoeshines, although hawkers could apply for one. So, in effect, polishing shoes on the pavement was illegal, like begging, and one had to depend on the goodwill of the policeman.

Question 30. – Why was Pt. Nehru not able to send a gift to his daughter on her birthday?

Answer- While in jail, he wrote a letter to his dear daughter. Due to being imprisoned by the British people at Naini, he could not present her a gift.

Question 31. – Gandhiji took gold from his brother’s armlet. Do you think his action was correct or incorrect? Give reasons for your answer, in 20 – 30 words.

Answer – Gandhiji was wrong to have taken the gold from his brother’s armlet because he took it without telling his brother. This act was the same as stealing. Stealing is not justified, even if it is for a good cause.

Question 32. – How is metal recycling different from plastic recycling? Explain.

Answer- Unlike other materials such as plastic, metal can be recycled continuously. As a robust raw material, metal recycling never alters its original properties — even if you’re working with ferrous or non-ferrous metals. Ferrous metals like steel are often recycled more frequently.

Question 33. – Why did the villagers call the neem tree ‘the village pharmacy’?

Answer- Neema’s grandfather told her that firstly, neem trees had a lot of medicinal value and therefore, the villagers called it the village pharmacy. It is a panacea for many ailments.

Question 34. – How did Neema’s father get motivated to become a doctor?

Answer- Neema’s grandfather uses many neem products. He tells her about how good they are for his health and fitness. He also tells her that her father became interested in becoming a doctor because he often watched his grandfather prepare medicines out of the neem tree.

Question 35.- Words, sticks and stones hurt us. In what way do they differ in their impact?

Answer– Sticks and stones hurt us physically but words hurt us from inside as the scar caused physically can be healed but scar from within it takes time or sometimes it can’t be healed.

Question 36.- Write How did the parrot escape from the cage?

Answer- The parrot escaped as the narrator had left the door of its cage deliberately open.

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