Indian culture and heritage (223)
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Module -1 culture Click here
1. Culture : an introduction पाठ 1 Click here
2. Indian culture पाठ 2 Click here
Module 2 : history and culture through the ages
3. Ancient India पाठ 3 Click here
4. Medieval India पाठ 4 Click here
5. Modern India पाठ 5 Click here
Module 3: languages and literature
6. Indian languages and literature -Iपाठ 6 Click here
7. Indian languages and literature -IIपाठ 7 Click here
Module 4: religion and Philosophy
8. Religion and philosophy in ancient India पाठ 8 Click here
9. Religion and philosophy in medieval India पाठ 9 Click here
10Religious reform movements in modern India पाठ 10 Click here
Module 5: Painting performing arts and architecture
11.Indian painting पाठ 11 Click here
12.Performing arts: music dance and drama पाठ 12 Click here
13. Indian architecture पाठ 13 Click here
Module 6: science and technology
14. Science and technology in India पाठ 14 Click here
15Scientists of Ancient Indiaपाठ 15 Click here
16Science and scientists of medieval India पाठ 16 Click here
17Scientists of Modern Indiaपाठ 17 Click here
Module 7: Education
18Education in Indiaपाठ 18 Click here
Module 8: Social Structure
19Indian Social Structureपाठ 19 Click here
20Socio-Cultural Issues in Contemporary Indiaपाठ 20 Click here
21. Spread of Indian culture Abroad पाठ 21