How can I pass NIOS exam? Is it Difficult or Easy ?

Those who take new admission in nios board have only one doubt in their mind whether nios exam is easy or difficult. So let’s know only from those who have given exams in nios and have passed. After all, How is the exam pattern of nios easy or hard ?

According to Tambiraj,

No, It is a specialty of Nios board that it is very easy and flexible. Just follow some step and pass the without any hesitation:-

  1. Try to study on a regular basis and do not leave it too late for completing your syllabus.
  2. Complete your project, activity and other practical work as early as possible, so that you can get proper time to complete your syllabus on time.
  3. Give special emphasis on those subjects in which you are weaker.
  4. Special attention should be given on revising those chapters which you have already completed.
  5. Read Nios books regularly. CBSE and NIOS BOARD EXAM Question papers are completely based on this book.
  6. Leave those chapters which you are unable to memories. It’s better to become master of one chapter than becoming slave of all. Wasting much time on a single chapter in last days is not wise. In board exam, each chapter generally carries 4-5 marks on an average.

According to Ivashkoo Mittal ,

No not at all. I completed my 10th & 12th from NIOS & managed my business simultaneously. I used to study in the last 2 months before the exams and scored good grades. You need to self study the subjects & if you feel you are weak in any subject just take coaching for that exam. Otherwise I felt passing from NIOS is way too easy in comparison to what I felt till 9th studying from ICSE Board.

According to Yash Joshi ,

See people will advise you that NIOS exams can be passed easily but to pass Nios you have to study hard as the syllabus for 10 th class consists of 9th and 10th class full syllabus and for class 12th the syllabus is for 11th and 12th . and the checking is also not so easy but if you study regukar from guide and sample papers you can score good marks but you should study well and write answers very point to point to score well understanding of question and writing relevant answer is must and you can score well . the syllabus is not so deep but consists of 2 class syllabus . So study hard and well ! Good Luck

According to Rupam Kumar Roy ,

its very easy to pass nios exam,…..i have studied for only 6 months and become the city topper of jamshedpur of nios sr.secondary exam,pure science stream…all the questions were from books…but the questions of maths eere from rd sharma… hard work and you will pass nios exam with flying colours …

According to Gaurav Jain ,

If you are asking w.r.t. exam level or curriculum level then it is not easy but also not difficult.

Infact i have seen people getting 90% in practicals in CBSE but in NIOS it is not so.

Also, dont expect that one can pass with cheating.

Benifits which NIOS Students have which is not there in CBSE:

  1. If we have to give 5 subjects, can plan along with job like pass 3 exams in first attempt, 2 in second.
  2. ODES (On Demand Exams) – word itself tells that student can request board to take his exam.
  3. Curriculum material and previous papers provided by Board itself and we dont need to buy anything from market.
  4. Candidate can transfer credits of other board to NIOS as well and pass the pending exams here.

So just like CBSE, would suggest to study sincerely and dont miss:

  1. Syllabus to best one could do
  2. Previous and sample papers
  3. Choose subjects wisely

According to Raj

Passing in Nios is a piece of cake if you proper guidance . What basically happens that very less is know about Nios syllabus and about it where abouts by many people which in return creates a confusion to the student .

Same happened in my case but eventually I got a portal which helped me with classes and addmission.

Reach them out and they will let you know in deep about it.

Hope it helps

According to Om Garg ,

Nios exams are similar to all other school exams , if you have studied properly you can pass easily and you need luck too because authorities use well qualified approved teachers for checking papers but according to past few years results the average of passing student is very good.

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