Home Science Class 12th Practical Viva Questions with Answers in English Medium

Home Science Practical Question

1. What is First Aid?

Ans: First Aid is the treatment given to a victim before taking them to the hospital.

2. Select the 4 different methods of cooking food from the following :


  1. Cooking with moist heat – Simmering, boiling, stewing
  2. Cooking with dry heat – Baking, Grilling
  3. Cooking by frying – Deep frying, Shallow frying
  4. Microwave cooking

3. Why should the vegetables not be washed after cutting?

Ans: Vegetables should not be washed after cutting as it will lead to the loss of minerals and vitamins.

4. What are the qualities you look for while buying a good quality fabric?


  1. The fabric should absorb moisture.
  2. The weave should be close together- this means that the fabric is strong.
  3. The fabric should have a soft and smooth texture.

5. What do you understand by warp and weft?


  1. Straight yarns in fabrics are known as Warp yarns
  2. Horizontal yarns in fabrics are known as Weft yarns.

6. Examples of common fabrics woven using plain weave.

Ans: Poplin

7. Why should vegetables not be cut into tiny pieces?

Ans: There will be a greater loss of nutrients.

8. A fiber on burning smells like burnt milk. Is it an animal fiber or a plant fiber?

Ans: Animal Fiber

9.What will happen if you use a hard scrubber on plastics?

Ans: The plastic will get scratches.

10. If the residue of a burnt fiber is a hard bead, which fiber would it be?

Ans: Polyester

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