Early Childhood Care And Education 12th Practical Viva Questions with Answers in English Medium
Early Childhood Care And Education Practical Viva Question
  1. How do you design an observation?

Ans:  How to Conduct Observations for Research

  • Identify Objective. Determine what you want to observe and why.
  • Establish Recording Method.
  • Develop Questions and Techniques.
  • Observe and Take Notes
  1. What are the four tools for observation?

Ans: commonly used techniques and tools that teachers use to gather objective observation evidence: Running Record; Checklists; Frequency Count; Anecdotal Record; Work Sample; Learning Story; and Technology.

  1. How can I help my baby grasp things?

Ans: try putting a toy or colorful object slightly out of her reach and encouraging her to grab it.

  1. What skills should a 5 month old have?

Ans: is becoming more vocal (babbling, crying), smiling, reaching for objects, holding their head up, and rolling.

  1. What is the importance of early childhood education?

Ans: Children who take part in early childhood education programs have improved social skills and do better in school. They also learn essential life skills that stay with them forever.

  1. What is early childhood education and care?

Ans: Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC) refers to education and childcare provided in regulated settings from birth to the start of primary school

  1. How can you be a successful early childhood educator?


  1. Passion for Teaching
  2. Love for Young Children
  3. Caring and Compassion
  4. Flexibility
  5. Empathy
  6. Creativity

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