Data Entry Operations Class 12th Practical Viva Questions with Answers in English Medium

Data Entry Practical Questions

1. What are the five basic operations performed by the computer?



➥ Processing

➥ Outputting

➥ Storing

➥ Controlling

2. Define ALU, CU and CPU.

Ans: ALU and CU both are the two basic components of a CPU (Central Processing Unit) in a computer system. ALU stands for the Arithmetic Logical Unit whereas CU stands for the Control Unit. ALU circuit of the CPU deal with all the logical and mathematical operations that are performed by CPU.

3. A mouse is a output device true or false

Ans: false, The computer is relying on you to move the mouse, the mouse won’t move on its own! Therefore it is an input device.

4. List out various steps to search for a file or folder.

Ans: Open File Explorer. Click the Search mark (the magnifying glass mark) on the upper right corner. Click Search on the top toolbar. Click the Arrow Down button of the Advanced options. Select File contents from the drop-down menu. Now, the File contents feature is enabled.

5. What are the steps to install software in the computer


  1. Open My Computer.
  2. In the My Computer window, open the drive that contains the installation files. …
  3. In the drive that contains your files, locate either the executablesetup (i.e., “setup.exe”) or install file.

6.  What are the shortcuts key using keyboard for opening a new document?

Ans: Ctrl+N: It is used to open a new or blank document in Microsoft applications and some other software. Ctrl+P: It is used to open the print preview window of a document or a file.

7. Difference Between Hardware and Software?

8. Differentiate between input and output device of computer?

Short-cut Keys

Ctrl + ASelects all text.
Ctrl + XCuts the selected item.
Ctrl + F4Closes window in program.
Alt + F4Closes current open program.
Ctrl + NStarts a new note.
Ctrl + OOpens a recently used note.
Ctrl + SSaves changes to a note.
Ctrl + PPrints a note.
Alt + F4Closes a note and its Journal window.
Ctrl + ZHelps Undo a change.
Ctrl + YHelps Redo a change.
Ctrl + CCopies a selection to the Clipboard.
Ctrl + VPastes a selection from the Clipboard.
EscCancels a selection.
Ctrl + FStart a search tool.

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