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S.NOMaterial in EnglishMaterial in Hindi
1Catering Management (357)Catering Management (357)
2Computer & Office Applications (631) Computer & Office Applications (631)
3Computer Hardware Assembly & Maintenance (663)Computer Hardware Assembly & Maintenance (663)
4CRM Domestic Voice (661)CRM Domestic Voice (661)
5Data Entry Operations (632)Data Entry Operations (632)
6Food Processing (358)Food Processing (358)
7Hotel Front Office Operations (360)Hotel Front Office Operations (360)
8House – Keeping (356)House – Keeping (356)
9IT Essentials : PC Hardware and Software (651)IT Essentials : PC Hardware and Software (651)
10Preservation of Fruits and Vegetables (363)Preservation of Fruits and Vegetables (363)
11Web Designing and Development (622)Web Designing and Development (622)
12Web Development (660)Web Development (660)
13Yoga Assistant (667)Yoga Assistant (667)