Art of Indus Valley Civilization Painting Chapter 1st

In the plan of exploration and excavation of ancient civilization of India, the first Harappan remains were found, hence the name of this civilization is Harappan civilization. Later it was also known by the names of Indus Valley, Mohan – jodaro, Saraswati civilization etc.

The period of this civilization was from 2500 BC to 1750 BC. Considered to be between Murtia, toys, pieces, tools, etc. obtained from the study of the period of this civilization have been found out. Important art-related specimens have been obtained from the excavation of cities.


After seen this video the learner will be able to:

  • know about the date of Harappa civilization
  • name the artwork which are mentioned in this lesson
  • describe the site of finding, size, style, colour, and place of collection of the enlisted art objects
  • mention the main characteristics of the enlisted art objects of this period; 
  • differentiate and identify characteristics of the enlisted art works.

Art of Indus Valley Civilization Painting Chapter 1st

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The artists and craftmen of Harappa culture were extremely skilled in handling all kinds of material like metal, stone carving terra cotta and painting pottery. These artists preferred to use simplified motifs of animals, birds and plants. It is very clear that they were influenced and motivated by their religious beliefs and the cult of Siva and Shakti is very prominent in all their artworks.