Art of indus valley civilization Nios Painting Chapter 1st

The first discoveries of the Indus Valley Civilization were made at the site of Harappa near Sindh province (Now in Pakistan). Thus it is also known as Harappa Civilization. Later excavations prove that the civilization had far greater extention to Mohanjo-Daro and other cities.

Lot of art and craft objects have been discovered from these sites during excavations. These include statuettes, toys, seals, jewellery, pottery and tools. Most scholars believe this civilization had flourished between 2500 B.C. to 1750 B.C..

An attempt will be made to impart knowledge about the arts and crafts of this period by selecting four art works for the lessons.


After seen this video the learner will be able to:

  • know about the date of Harappa civilization; 
  • name the artwork which are mentioned in this lesson;
  • describe the site of finding, size, style, colour, and place of collection of the enlisted art objects; 
  • mention the main characteristics of the enlisted art.objects of this period; 
  • differentiate and identify characteristics of the enlisted art works.

Art of indus valley civilization Nios Painting Chapter 1st